3-Tier Wire Fruit Hanging Basket Gift for Kitchen

3-Tier Wire Fruit Hanging Basket Gift for Kitchen
3-Tier Wire Fruit Hanging Basket Gift for Kitchen

3-Tier Hanging Basket Fruit Organizer Kitchen Heavy Duty Wire Organizer with Free Bonus Metal Ceiling Hooks.

3-Tier metal wire Fruit hanging basket by Malmo for storage of fruits or vegetables. Kitchen or Home Storage Accessories. It’s super handy for enhancing storage in small kitchen spaces. Perfect Basket for your apples, bananas, melons, onions, kiwis, pineapple, potatoes. Keeps air circulating around the product, and it saves counter space. The open wired design also prevents moisture buildup that causes molds in your fruits and vegetables.

About 3-Tier Wire Fruit Hanging Basket Gift for Kitchen:-

  • The hand-made basket using high-quality iron wire, retractable, lightweight, and rust-proof.
  • 3-tier wire baskets, Each layer can be assembled freely.
  • Allow the flow of air to keep fruit and vegetables fresh as well as draining the water.# # #
  • Space-saving, applicable to kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other occasions.
  • Hanging Baskets are under our 12-month warranty.
  • Nice and simple modern styling on a kitchen classic. Really help you clear the counter space for more counter space in your kitchen. The 3-Tier handcraft hanging basket will provide an alternative way to your family for storing fruit, vegetables. The farm produces, and other kitchen supplies.
  • It can be hung outside the garden when you are having a party or barbecue to store fruits, snacks, foods for sauces, etc. # # # # # #
3 tier hanging fruit basket
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