Leg Cast Shower Protector

Leg Cast Shower Protector
Leg Cast Shower Protector

Adult Leg cast Protector for Shower- Waterproof Shower Bandage and Cast Cover Full Leg Watertight Protection to Broken Leg, Knee, Foot, Ankle Wound, Burns

Adult Leg Cast Shower Protector:- Waterproof Cast Covers Leg. Keep cast and bandage dry when shower.

About Leg Cast Shower Protector:

  • Waterproof Cast Covers Leg. Keep cast and bandage dry when shower.
  • Reusable and Durable Leg cast and wound shower protector. Nonslippery and will not stick to your skin when shower.
  • High Elastic Membrane. The soft and snug opening hole make it easily pull on and off the cast in a non-painful way. Keep blood circulation.
  • Adult Cast Cover for Shower Leg. Baggy design to stretch easily over casts, bandages, and plasters.Recommend for cast circumference below 19inch (49cm).
  • Watertight and Moisture protection. Best choice for showering and bathing, especially for people who are recovering from cast, injury, surgery, wound, burn and skin problem.

Product Description:-

Size Information:
Adult Lower Leg Cast Shower Cover Unfold Size: 43.5″(L)*20″(H)*9.8″(W) 

For adult lower leg Circumference between 14″ to 19″inch(36 to 49 cm)

Baggy design with extra space for free movement. No need to worry that the cover might be tight to pull over the cast

The diameter of the blue ring is 19cm. The Diameter of the opening hole is 5 cm. Made of the high elasticity rubber membrane, easy to take it on or take it off by yourself. 

The rubber membrane uses high elastic and snug material. 

Keep the blood circulation as normal. No need to worry about causing a deep and painful ‘dents’ on your skin. Snug and comfortable as your second skins. 

FDA approved and CE certificated cast and bandage shower protector. 

Medical grade and environmentally friendly material. Safe for a latex-sensitive person. Unlike other stuffy cast covers, our shower cast cover is snug and not easy to sweat when shower. 

Waterproof Cast Covers for shower Leg Adult Size:

1.100% waterproof and reusable. Keep the water out when shower. 

2. Snug and elastic Opening. Reduce dragging on bandages when fitting and removing. Keep the blood circulation. 

3.Recommend for showering, bathing when recovering from injuries, surgeries, accidents or people who are suffering from medical conditions such as rashes, burns, skin problems, wounds & scratches.

A Notice For You:

Cannot use to swim. Indoor use only. We also don’t recommend sitting in a bathtub with this leg cast cover taking on. Suit for shower with a hose

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