Arabica Beans Coffee Cubes

Arabica Beans Coffee Cubes
Arabica Beans Coffee Cubes

Almendra Selecta Colombian Coffee Cubes-Arabica Beans, Sweetened with panela (Unrefined Raw Sugar) The Coffee Cubes are perfect for camping/hiking, traveling, office a great option to have Colombian coffee at anytime.

The Arabica Beans Coffee Cubes are designed to enjoy a quality coffee on the GO, made from real coffee beans 100% Arabica. The Coffee cubes Pre-Sweetened with Panela (unrefined, organic, brown sugar) with only 5 grams of natural sweetener per coffee cube; They wrapped making it easy to put the coffee cubes in a bag or keeping in your office drawer.

About Arabica Beans Coffee Cubes:-

  • Almendra Selecta Coffee Cubes wrapped making easy to put them in a bag for when you need your coffee.
  • ARABICA SMOOTH FLAVOR – Shade-grown coffee beans picked and selected by females. Variety: Scaturro- fragrance: sweet caramel, almond- flavor: intense with the enduring chocolate finish- acidity: citric with a medium body.
  • Coffee Cubes 100% Colombian- Arabica Coffee Sweetened with Panela (unrefined cane sugar) Natural sweetener, 5 grams per cub
  • The best option for a quick coffee in the office, traveling, hiking/camping, no CLEAN-UP after you prepare the coffee
  • The box contains 27 cubes by 3 coffee cubes in an individual bags easy to take anywhere

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