Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket
Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Baby Photo Cloth DIY Newborn Milestone Shoot Blanket Printed Monthly Year Photography Props Baby Shower and Birthday Gift for Unisex Toddlers Infants

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Prop for Newborn Baby Photo – Perfect photo props to shoot photos for newborn babies, record growth of every month in the first year, make wonderful pictures

About the baby monthly milestone blanket:-

  • Baby Growth Keepsake – With this monthly milestone cloth, you can make a unique keepsake for your little baby. And figure out how your baby growth in the picture when him/her grows up.
  • Using this blanket to shoot photos for your baby and post on social media. Share your happiness with your friends and fans; or make a unique baby photo album, and these pictures are great to show on your baby’s birthday parties.
  • Baby photoshoot blanket help you make unique pictures to record how your baby grows in the first year. Create everlasting memories with this monthly milestone sheet.
  • Size – 40″ x 40″ size provides enough blank space for lay your baby, even for twins.
baby photoshop

To make more beautiful and innovative photos, you can use some props to help, such as photo frames, holiday ornaments, flowers, toys, ribbons, fruits and more. 
This product is designed for photography backdrop, it is thin and soft, and cannot compete with a warm blanket.
This photo backdrop sheet comes with some wrinkles, please iron it before the photoshoot is your mind.
Package includes: 1 photo backdrop sheet

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