Basting Silicone Food Brush for Kitchen

Basting Silicone Food Brush for Kitchen
Basting Silicone Food Brush for Kitchen

Basting Silicone Food Brush for Kitchen- Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Pastry Brush with Back up Silicone Brush Heads(Orange) Rust Resistant, Grilling BBQ Baking Pastry Kitchen Cooking & Marinating, Dishwasher Safe

Basting Silicone Food Brush for Kitchen– Basting Silicone Food Brush is rated #1 and cooks everywhere love using them. The attractive design and black or orange accents add color to your kitchen tools and make all basting jobs easy and simple. You get two of these wonderful food basting brushes to use for all your basting, pastry and barbecuing needs.

About Basting Silicone Food Brush for Kitchen:-

  • RWM bbq basting brush is built to coat. Your food with more flavor. It can seamlessly bring your choice of oil, melted butter, marinades. And sauces directly to what is on the grill and lock in the flavor.
  • The brush handle is construct of polished stainless steel for durability. Providing a comfortable grip. Ideal length and weight design put less burden on the wrist. With no tiredness in a long time basting during grilling.
  • No shedding, bristle free. The silicone basting brush head is one single part with bristles, which will never fall off on your food. With its dense bristles, the silicone brush gains high performance in holding and retaining oil. Sauce, marinade, cooking juice and more.
  • Unique interior cavity design, sturdy and better rust-resistant performance. Removable silicone brush heads for convenient dishwasher-safe cleaning and convenient hanging hook for easy storage when not in use.
  • Perfect for barbecuing ribs, chicken, steaks or anything requiring an additional layer of savory taste. Use these RWM basting brushes for all your basting needs. In both kitchen cooking and outdoor grilling basting. A premium baking brush for applying baking oil as well.

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