Bedside Table Lamp Set Gift for Home

Bedside Table Lamp Set Gift for Home
Bedside Table Lamp Set Gift for Home

Bedside Table Lamp Set Gift for Home - ANCwear Bedside Lamp Set with International Design Award, Desk Lamps with 16 Colors and 13 Shapes, Table Lamps with Photo Catalyst for Purifying Air for Bedroom

Bedside Table Lamp Set Gift for Home, D’Light adopts the central axis rotating lampshade design, which can provide 13 points of unique angle adjustment gears, Its shape changes according to your mood. Photocatalyst-coated lampshades make the air fresher. The combination of art and technology makes your life delicate and simple.

About Bedside Table Lamp Set Gift for Home:-

  • 💕 Table Lamp Gift Set with Photocatalyst – Photocatalyst is one of the safest materials to control indoor environmental pollution in the world. Our lampshade is attached to Japanese photocatalyst. The 2-hour formaldehyde purification rate is 57%. The 2-hour TVOC purification rate is 68%, and the 24-hour continuous purification can help you purify the air with the simplest method.
  • 💕 An Internationally Recognized Desk Lamp – D’Light:Kinetic Lighting table lamp has won international design awards thanks to outstanding. IDEA Industrial Design Outstanding Award in the United States、GOOD Design BEST100 in Japan 、iF and Reddot Design Award in Germany. The has 13 shapes, changing with your mood.
  • 💕 A Smart Table Lamp Set – This bedside lamp has a remote control, 16 lighting colors, a change of color is a change of mood. To meet all your imagination about the table lamps.
  • 💕 A Desk Lamp Made with Attention – The lampshade made of 160 layers of super non-woven fabrics bonded together. Using pure handicraft technology. It is an environmentally friendly and attentive product, which makes its lighting softer and more delicate.
  • 💕 Energy Conservation & Lifelong Guarantee – It estimated that the annual energy consumption is 3.3KWh (based on 3 hours/day). We make our products conscientiously to ensure the quality of products. But in case of any unsatisfactory situation, please feel free to consult us. We will reply quickly within 24 hours. We promise that if the products are unsatisfactory, we will refund the payment immediately.
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