Best Breast Pump Cushions for Women

Best Breast Pump Cushions for Women
Best Breast Pump Cushions for Women

Best Breast Pump Cushions for Women- Soft, Stretchy Flange Inserts for Improved Comfort and Fit

Best Breast Pump Cushions for Women, BeauGen’s breast pump cushions are like a thin layer of pillowy clouds between you and the hard plastic of your pump. Simply inserting the cushion into the flange allows for a pleasant surprise: these breast pump cushions reduce pain and discomfort for those experiencing soreness and sensitivity. Women having trouble pumping can also enjoy the benefits of our breast pump cushions.

About Best Breast Pump Cushions for Women:-

  • ENHANCED COMFORT – If you are experiencing pain or discomfort or are between flange sizes and need a customized fit. Try BeauGen cushions for a true solution.
  • SOFT AND STRETCHY – One size fits most! With 1 mm thick material and its ability to conform to breast pump flange sizes 21mm-27mm. This nipple cushion has the softness and stretchiness you need to minimize soreness and sensitivity while pumping. Made of FDA-approved and BPA-free soft and stretchy plastic.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE – These cushions are compatible with most breast pump brands and accessories on the market.
  • MONTHLY REPLACEMENT – For best results, replace cushions every 30 days depending on the frequency of use and care. Durable, stretchy, and comfortable, you can keep up milk collection and storage for your baby with much less suffering.
  • FOR MOMS, BY MOMS – Taking matters into their own hands. The moms behind BeauGen have made it their mission to supply mothers everywhere with a simple and effective solution to the pains of pumping. Each cushion is made in the USA and 100% recyclable.
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Easy to Use

  • Prior to first use, open each cushion to their cone-shape. The cushions are sent to you folded or rolled. If needed, you can ‘train’ them to stay open by stretching cushion over the cone of your flange.
  • Use thumb on the inside of the coned cushion to guide the cushion’s tunnel into a flange tunnel. Use thumb and pinky to smooth out folds or wrinkles.
  • Place flange with cushion insert centered on your nipple. And begin pumping by following the instructions provided with our breast pump.
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