Best Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set

Best Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set
Best Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set

Best Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set - The Spiegelau Perfect Serve Cocktail Glasses are made in Germany and come in a set of four. They have a small capacity as it is mostly used for classic drinks with a high alcohol content such as martini, manhattan or gimlet drinks.

Best Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set, The Spiegelau Perfect Serve Longdrink Glasses; also known as highball glasses, have the perfect height and exactly the right capacity for typical cocktails. They have a slightly rounded inside, which allow carbonated drinks to stay fresh for a longer time. The height of the glass is ideal to pre-cool it in a standard freezer before preparing the drinks.

About Best Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set:-

  • Contains one each of the following glasses: India Pale Ale Capacity- 540 ml, Stout Glass Capacity- 600 ml, American Wheat Beer Glass Capacity- 750 ml, Barrel Aged Beer Glass Capacity: 500 ml
  • Material – Crystal glass, Produced in the spirit of Spiegelau, the class of glass with durable lightweight brilliance
  • With maximum dishwasher-safety
  • Different styles of beer require different glasses to unfold their flavors
  • India Pale AleDiameter- 82 mm, Stout Glass Diameter: 86 mm, American Wheat Beer Glass Diameter: 95 mm, Barrel Aged Beer Glass Diameter: 90 mm.
  • The Spiegelau Perfect Serve Collection was developed in cooperation with internationally awarded bar-expert Stephan Hinz. It’s sturdy, durable and is a timeless collection of elegance. The Perfect Serve Collection unites functionality and aesthetics on the highest level. # # # # # # # # #

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