Best Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket

Best Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket
Best Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket

summer Cooling Weighted Blanket- Heavy Blanket Cool Bed Blankets Natural Bamboo Viscose Luxury

Are you looking for a comfortable summer cooling weighted blanket? you want to have a quiet and healthy sleep? Maple Down cooling weighed blanket can satisfy your wishes, it is a beautiful, comfortable, and non-deformable blanket. Maple Down weighed blanket will be your best sleep companion, the perfect choice for you and your family.

About Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket:-

  • Premium Material-The fabric of this cooling weighted blanket is 100% natural breathable bamboo viscose, filled with premium glass beads. The cooling breathable fabric can enable hot sleepers to stay drier and cooler, cool sleepers to stay cozy. Cool to the touch bamboo fabric and glass beads will make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • New Techniques and Production Process-Professional and Quality production line for 28-year history, Using the latest sewing process of 4-mm stitch that makes the pockets smaller of 4-inch, Which will evenly fill with glass beads pellets that can provide even weight to the entire body.
  • Structural Design-7-layer system design makes the weighted blanket with better temperature control and uniform weight while to make your body more comfortable.
  • Recommended Size-Choose the blanket that weighs about 8% to 12% of your body weight. Blanket weighs 12lbs or above fit for adults, 10lbs or below fit for the Children over 5 years old, Children under 5 years old prohibited from using.

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