Cable Winder for Short Charging Cable Organizer

Cable Winder for Short Charging Cable Organizer
Cable Winder for Short Charging Cable Organizer

Cable Winder for Short Charging Cable Earphone Headphone Cable Management USB Data Cord Organizer

Buy Cable Winder for Short Charging Cable Organizer, Smartphone charging cable winder is a very creative gadget. It can help you stay away from troubles of clutter mixed wire cable. The cable cord winder makes digital life interesting and lets your life tidy. This wire management holder is suitable for office and home use.

About Cable Winder for Short Charging Cable Organizer:-

  • US Design Patent Cable Winder- Armra Patented Cord Management keeps your desk clean and organized.
  • Widely Use- Suitable for power cords, charging cables, USB cords, cell phone chargers, etc.
  • Easy To Use- The cord organizer is easy to use and release in a second with a single pull.
  • Keep Tidy- Keeps your earbuds earphones tangle-free, tidy, protected and secured.
  • Eco-friendly- Made of premium-quality eco-friendly plastic materials. Lightweight and durable.

Never Fight with Tangled Cords Again!

Tangled cords problem is really a problem… Looking for a cable and can’t find it? Having more and more cables spread around your desk? Do you want to avoid all these common problems?

Armra Cord Winder is the solution! This small cord winder, stores and organizes headphones, earbuds and USB cables without striking a blowing. Also, Armra’s innovative design completely eliminates the frustration of tangled and unruly cords and will keep your purse, backpack and car organized and tangle-free. Making your life more convenient.

Suitable For: Smartphone charging cables; USB printer cords; Twisted Headphone cords & any other wires.

Specifications: Material: Plastic, Color: Transparent White

How To Use? 1. Using your finger to press snap-on open; 2. Floyd the line to hook prominent hook; 3. Winding to the shortest; 4. Press on the button to close and done.

Notes: It is a US Design Patent Cable Winder. Only the cable winder, not including any data cables and other reference objects. Transparent white, the color of the display is varied according to the different cable colors.

Package Included: 10pcs Cable Winder Cord Organizer (Not Include the Reference Objects)

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