Car Dashboard Sticky Pad

Car Dashboard Sticky Pad
Car Dashboard Sticky Pad

Anti-Slide Cell Phone Car Pad-Cell Pads Non-Stick Anti-Slide Dash Cell Phone Bracket Mat Car Dashboard Sticky Pad Adhesive Anti Mat for Mobile Phone/ Electronic Gadgets GPS

Car Dashboard Sticky Pad: This product is made of aviation type high polymer elastic material with unique viscosity. Its viscosity comes from innovative silicone synthesis and special formula design. It can form numerous microscopic suckers on the surface. It can firmly attract any plane objects. It’s easy to remove, but it doesn’t leave any trace on the adherent!

About Car Dashboard Sticky Pad:-

  • Environmental protection materials;- High-temperature resistance, no deformation, passed the certification of the US Food and Drug Administration, non-toxic, odorless, recyclable, in line with international green environmental standards, super-absorbent non-slip mat.
  • Widely used in Cars / Homes, etc.;- Can Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4, GPS, CD Cases, Sunglasses, Glasses, Pens, Keys, Coins, Access Cards, Perfumes, Handkerchief Cases, etc adhere and protect. Objects and electronic devices, no traces of glue.
  • Repeated washing, cleaning of objects;- If the non-slip mat weakened by dust, only use clean water for cleaning and drying to restore viscosity. Can clean the dust from keyboards, TV screens, etc. After washing with water, the viscosity does not decrease
  • Fixed everywhere;- Suitable for home, bathroom, kitchen, office, etc. All kinds of remote controls, mirrors, combs, small electronic devices. Small things he often finds everywhere can fix to the wall or in the desired place.
  • Welcome Guide, Enjoy store Support Carefree 18-month warranty and lifelong, friendly customer care.
Dashboard Sticky Pad

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