Collapsible Surveying Tool For Distance Measurement

Collapsible Surveying Tool For Distance Measurement
Collapsible Surveying Tool For Distance Measurement

Scuddles Collapsible Measuring Wheel Designed for Professionals - This measuring wheel is perfect for indoor measuring on smooth, hard surfaces and large enough to work its way outdoors for your measuring needs.

Surveying Tool For Distance Measurement, It’s also collapsible to about half the size and easy to store in its designated bag whenever it’s not being used. This wheeled measuring Surveying Tool For Distance Measurement is sturdy and lightweight. It does not easily break while going over rocks or obstacles.

About Surveying Tool For Distance Measurement:-

  • MEASURE LARGE DISTANCES QUICKLY- Scuddles Lightweight Measuring wheel is a very durable alternative to standard tape measures. Since it allows you simply to measure any type of space by simply rolling the measuring tool as you walk. It also will record the distance and display it to you. So you can keep a 100% Track of your measurement distances.
  • 10,000 FEET CAPACITY- Features a 4-Inch Diameter wheel with thick rubber. That will allow you to measure for as long you need while recording the numbers on the device. Once you have the number you can just simply reset the meter with a push of a button which makes it extremely easy to use.
  • WALKING TAPE MEASURE- The idea that you can measure any type of distance just by walking with such a device makes the whole surveying process fun and easy. This wheeled measurer is sturdy and lightweight; it does not break while going over rocks or obstacles.
  • PERFECT MEASUREMENTS- Extremely accurate makes it extremely useful to measure the boundary lines of your property and neighborhood. The perfect and correct measurements could use even at the park or benchmark against a usual tape measure and it will be the same measurements. So stop overworking we got you covered on this one.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE- Scuddles stands behind its brand if for any reason. You are not happy we will give you a lifetime warranty. No questions asked and a 100% refund because we put you first and above anyone else.
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