Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set
Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box- Color Chef Knives - Valentines Gifts for Husbands and Wives, Unique Wedding Gifts for Couple, Birthday Gift Idea for Men, Housewarming Gift New Home for Women

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set, The beautiful solutions to safely and securely storing and displaying your Chef’s Vision Cosmos Series knife set, or other kitchen knives. With a Behold Knife Holder, your knives are always safe and right at hand! Plus, they keep knives from being damaged in drawers, and they make your kitchen look organized and tasteful.

About Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set:-

  • WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VALUE! First, you marvel at the beauty of Chef’s Vision Knives, with each colorful blade displaying a stunning color image of the unfolding universe. But the best is yet to come — because Chef’s Vision Knives perform as beautifully as they look! They’re more than the most gorgeous knives you and your kitchen have ever seen. Their superior materials, ergonomic design. And quality manufacturing makes Chef’s Vision a fabulous value, one you’ll appreciate every time you use them.
  • WHAT AN OUT OF THIS WORLD GIFT! What’re the best thing Chef’s Vision Cosmos Series Knives make? That’s easy: they make the perfect gift! Whether it’s a Christmas gift, wedding gifts for the couple, housewarming gifts for a new home or as a birthday gift… And maybe best of all, a gift for yourself and your whole family. One you’ll enjoy every time you use it! And each set arrives in a beautiful gift box that includes an informative free guide to each of the gorgeous cosmic images on the blades!
  • WHAT A BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED SET OF KNIVES! The blades high quality, durable stainless steel honed to razor sharpness for cutting ease. The solidly constructed handles ergonomically designed for a balanced, secure grip. And they’re color-coded so busy chefs can easily find the right knife, to help prevent food cross-contamination. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe and food safety approved by the FDA in America, LFGB in Germany. SGS in Switzerland, EC in Europe and DGCCRF in France.
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