Das Boot Large Beer Drinking Mug

Das Boot Large Beer Drinking Mug
Das Boot Large Beer Drinking Mug

The Das Boot Beer Glass holds 2 L – that’s over four pints of beer! Beer Boots have become popular party pastimes, Prefect For Beer Lover.

Best Large Beer Drinking Mug Das Boot is sure to draw some attention. You don’t have to use it in a drinking game, but the option is there if that tickles your fancy. Otherwise, sit back, kick off your shoes, and raise a Boot!

About Das Boot Large Beer Drinking Mug:-

  • PROST! – Give your friends a laugh when you pull out the XL Das Boot beer glass at your next gathering. You’ll join them when you’ve finished the 2L of beer inside! A novelty that is fun and useful, top off Das Boot and it’s sure to give you a kick in the pants.
  • A STORIED HISTORY – As the story goes, German generals in WWI would drink from their boots after a victory to inspire loyalty and camaraderie. We thought that sounded a bit gross, so we went with glass instead of leather. Das Boot is perfect for beer enthusiasts, Oktoberfest, and anytime you want to inspire some camaraderie of your own.
  • HAND-BLOWN GLASS – Crafted from hand-blown glass, Das Boot was made by hand and with care. It makes for a perfect gift for the “cultured” beer lover in your life.
  • HOLDS TWO LITERS – Das Boot measures 12” x 7¼” at the base and 4½” diameter and at the mouth. Each giant beer boot holds two liters of beer.
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