Digital Baby Thermometer for Bath and Room

Digital Baby Thermometer for Bath and Room
Digital Baby Thermometer for Bath and Room

Digital Baby Bath and Room Thermometer- Floating Alarm for Infant Bathtub and Swimming Pool, Yellow Duck

Digital Baby Thermometer for Bath and Room, A water thermometer is needed to ensure a safe bath temperature and avoid scalds in the bathroom. That is why we have created this special water thermometer, a simple and practical item that will bring mom peace of mind and make bathing a fun time for baby.

About Digital Baby Thermometer for Bath and Room:-

  • 🛀BABY & MOM FRIENDLY- With recognizable yellow duck appearance, no blunt edges design and real-time temperature reading. A baby thermometer is a perfect choice to takes away all your guesswork and worries.
  • 🛀ACCURATE DISPLAY- Your water thermometer activates once when placed in water. And become an indoor thermometer once you take it out. It displays in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Automatically switches LED background color as water temperature changes.
  • 🛀 MULTI-PURPOSE- Your water thermometer can also use to check room temperature or work as a clock display or countdown timer. Save your money for buying extra stuff for newborns.
  • 🛀LONG-LASTING LIFE- Two batteries included in the package for at least half a year battery lifespan. You can easily remove the battery if you do not use the digital thermometer for a long time. And change the battery when the number display is incomplete. Note; Long press the”MODE” button for 15 seconds to turn off the machine.
Bath and Room Thermometer for Baby

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