Digital Touch Keypad Cabinet Lock

Digital Touch Keypad Cabinet Lock
Digital Touch Keypad Cabinet Lock

Digital Touch Keypad Cabinet Lock- Electronic Cabinet Lock Kit Set,Password Entry and RFID Card / Wristband Entry, Keyless Door Lock Knob

Digital Touch Keypad Cabinet Lock:-

  • This Electronic Cabinet Lock Kit can be used widely for cabinet, drawer, locker, storage box and etc. for household or business: supermarket, sauna club, GYM, swimming stadiums, library, factory, and office.
  • Multiple Unlock Modes: 1. Password (one-off password mode for a public locker, fix multiple passwords mode for the household), 2. ID Card or RFID Wristband / Tag, 3. ID Card / Wristband / Tag + Password Combination.
  • It can provide good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy. It also can improve children’s safety at home, avoid your children or kids free to open drawers or cabinet doors.
  • The User Manual and Installation Manual are available on Technical Specification of the detailed page of the listing. The package includes: 1 x Mortise, 1 x Keypad (Panel), 1 x Bracelet or Tag, 6 x Screws, 1 x USER MANUAL.


Size: Mortise 145 x 63.5 x 22 mm, Keypad 108 x 55 x 16 mm
Power Supply: DC4.5V, 4 x AA Batteries.
Voltage: Below DV4.5V with Lack of Voltage Indications
Lifetime of Battery: Normally Exceed 20,000 Times and 200 More
Material: Zinc Alloy.

Latch Length: 15mm
Door Thickness: 15-30mm
Card Type: ID Card, RFID Tag or Wristband

1. Password Mode
2. ID Card (RFID Wristband / Tag) Mode
3. Password + RFID Tag Mode

NOTE: You can choose the unlock mode at your convenience, and you can change the mode as you want.

USER MANUAL is attached with the item. You can find the detailed information (include but not limited): how to use the cabinet lock, how to set and change the unlock mode, how to set and change the password, and etc.

# Digital Keypad Cabinet Lock

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