Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll
Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll- Funny Novelty Gag Gift for Democrats and Republicans - 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 200 Full-Color Image Sheets in Each Roll | Hilarious Political White Elephant Gift Idea

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll, Become the president of your porcelain palace. This is the best toilet paper roll, I think, in history. It’s a funny roll of toilet paper, hilarious. Nobody makes a funnier roll. And, it’s strong. Strong, yet soft…not weak like other rolls. That I can tell you. They are terrific, terrific. I have so many of these rolls, I have them all over the place. I give them to people, they love it.

About Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll:-

  • WE ARE GOING TO MAKE TOILET PAPER GREAT AGAIN- Unique & clever political gift! Trump toilet paper!
  • DONALD TRUMP’S FACE TOILET PAPER IN FULL COLOR – the face of “The Donald” printed on each square throughout the entire roll
  • SOFT & ABSORBENT TRUMP BATHROOM ROLLS – 3 PLY, 200 SHEETS PER ROLL: It can serve you as a gift, or serve the original TP purpose in your bathroom!
  • FUNNY NOVELTY GAG TOILET PAPER GIFT- Get the most amusing political gag gift for your friends who love him or simply hate him and spread some laughter. A novelty and naughty gift for both men and women that can use as a decorative role as well!
  • TRUMP TOILET PAPER PROUDLY MADE IN CHINA – AND WE WILL MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT (Not really). This toilet paper roll proudly made in China, which Donald Trump’s favorite country. Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your funny bathroom toilet papers!
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