Donkey Dough Stress Relief Putty

Donkey Dough Stress Relief Putty
Donkey Dough Stress Relief Putty

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Donkey Dough Stress Relief Putty: Donkeys are known for being stubborn and unruly. They’re like the Charlie Sheen of the horse world, but they can also be incredibly smart and ready with a biting comment. The 100% Smart Ass Donkey Dough is for anyone that knows a smart ass and doesn’t know what to do with them. You can’t send them to the glue factory, so you might as well join them. When you’ve got an unruly donkey on your hands, then just let the frustrations flow away. Smash it, gnash it, and pretend you’re kicking some donkey ass. Don’t let a little smartass ruin your day. You may not be able to insult them back, but there’s nothing wrong with taking your frustrations out on Smart Ass Donkey Dough. This dough doesn’t come in a bag; it comes in a can of whoop-ass. 

About Donkey Dough Stress Relief Putty:

  • DON’T LET THE SMARTASS WIN – There are way too many smartasses that have a sense of entitlement. And earned their positions through backstabbing and trickery. Don’t let them bring you down to their level. Release the beast on Smart Ass Donkey Dough.
  • STRESS RELIEF IS ONLY A TIN AWAY – Stress is just part of life. There’s no way around it, but you can relieve it and make sure it doesn’t turn you into a basket case. When the smart asses of the world start bringing you down, have this tin handy.
  • A FUNNY STOCKING STUFFER FOR ADULTS – Has life got you down? Too many jerks and smart asses in the world treating you like crap? They’re asses, and you’re better than that. Smart Ass Donkey Dough is the great equalizer, taking smart asses and turning them into straight-up donkey dicks. This makes it the perfect weird stocking stuffer for adults because smartasses are everywhere.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO SOOTHE AWAY STRESS CREATED BY ANNOYING PEOPLE: Release tension as you soften the specially formulated, orange putty by squeezing and kneading it in your hands. You’ll be able to handle their insults and petty one-liners like a champ.
  • 100% AWESOME FOR ANY OCCASION: Smart Ass Donkey Dough is a funny, thoughtful addition to care packages, gift baskets, and Christmas stockings. Need a funny present for a White Elephant Gift Exchange?
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