eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock

eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock
eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock

eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock- ecure & Track your Luggage/Backpack anywhere you go.. (Mix 2 Pack)

eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock, Pioneering the world with hassle-free ONE-TOUCH to unlock and proximity track your luggage/bag. Fiddling tiny digit-wheel dials, recalling combination code or searching lost key experiencing with your ordinary lock are now things of the past. With our PROXIMITY TRACKING technology, you will never leave your bag or carry-on suitcase behind, thus travel with peace-of-mind. Granted with PATENTS and numerous Innovation & Design AWARDS in U.S., Japan & Germany.

About eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock:-

  • 1 YELLOW & 1 BLACK- eGeeTouch pioneers the world’s-1st SMART TRAVEL LOCK just got its App & battery performances upgraded. Travel with Hassle-Free needing NO KEY, NO CODE to remember & NO TINY 3-DIGIT DIALS to fiddle. Smarter than any old-fashioned locks
  • PROXIMITY TRACKING: notifies you when luggage is getting far from you. So you will never leave your bags behind, stolen or miscarried. A smarter gift to travel with…
  • HIGHLY SECURED & PEACE-of-MIND- millions of users set encrypted IDs, securing your valuables from thieves in-flight cabin. At the airport and in a hotel room. Tens of thousands of smart locks delivered worldwide in just a few months
  • TSA ACCEPTED- ensuring your luggage lock NOT damaged during inspection
  • MULTIPLE ways of unlocking: smartphones (iOS 8.0, Android 4.4, & above), NFC Fob (includes a coin-size waterproof fob). Apple WATCH & Samsung Gear S2/3. BATTERY life just got boosted to 4,000 locks/unlock cycles. Translates into over 3 YEARS of use regardless you are frequent travelers or seasonal holidaymakers. Battery charging: None
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