Elastic Shoe Laces Gift for Kids and Adults

Elastic Shoe Laces Gift for Kids and Adults
Elastic Shoe Laces Gift for Kids and Adults

Elastic Shoe Laces Gift for Kids and Adults-No tie Shoelaces with Lock Device, Adjustable Tieless Rubber Shoe Laces Strings for Sneakers Boots Board and Casual Shoes

Elastic Shoe Laces Gift for Kids and Adults, Perfect length allows you to use shoelaces with or without End Clips. Designed to fit Running Shoes, Trail Running Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Basketball Shoes, Crossfit Shoes, Football Cleats.

Abut Elastic Shoe Laces Gift for Kids and Adults:-

  • UPGRADED NO-TIE LACING SYSTEM- Our elastic shoelaces have upgraded the Lace¬†System compared to the original lock shoelaces. The Lock device with strong stainless steel springs toggle and clamped croc clip, no more loose laces and re-tying your sneakers
  • STRETCH FIT COMFORT- The tieless shoelaces has Upgraded elastic cords, distribute EQUALLY the pressure of laces all along your foot, conform to your foot for a custom fit and make your feet feel better to perform your perfect
  • STEP IN AND GO- Step inside your elastic-laced shoes, wiggle your feet to get comfy. Then you can tighten them with the simple slide of shoelaces lock and adjust the tightness as you want. Great gift from parents, to cultivate their children’s independence
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE- Lazy no-tie laces are great gifts for anyone, runners and athletes want to speed up and to perform better, especially those who suffer from arthritis or other disabilities, autistic children. Choose a multi-package to share with your family
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION- One size fits all (toddlers, kids, adults, women, and men), quick to install, easy to use. Each pair is suitable for lacing up 1 pair of shoes.


  1. Made of high-quality elastic cords with a stainless steel spring in the lock, very comfort and robust.
  2. 44 inch (110 cm) long, easy to install & one size fits all (kids and adults) with no tools required.
  3. Elastic shoelaces distributes pressure evenly over your foot, giving you a comfortable experience.
  4. Elastic shoelaces save your time each day putting your shoes on & off.
  5. No more laces coming undone during your run, cycle or gym sessions.
  6. Suitable for almost any type of lace-up shoe.
  7. great for athletes and those who struggle to tie regular laces.
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