Electric Stapler With Adapter

Electric Stapler With Adapter
Electric Stapler With Adapter

Veyette Electric Stapler With Adapter Gift For Office School ,Veyette Automatic Electrical Stapler for Office Home School Use

Electric Stapler With Adapter Heavy Duty Staple Remover. EASY TO USE: Double hinge-design achieves low operating force and staples flat-cinch to eliminate paper stacking problems. STAPLES 20 to 175 sheets. PAPER GUIDE sets to 5 positions. SOFT BASE PAD protects any surfaces from being scratch. ERGONOMIC DESIGN. The PowerForce-175 makes stapling stacks of paper from 20 to 175 sheets, using one size staple, easy and simple.

About Electric Stapler With Adapter:-

  • The automatic electric stapler with an adapter stapler can finish stapling 20 sheets at a time using 26/6. Staples 15 sheets use 24/6 staples within 2 second
  • Featured a transparent and blue covering. The stapler with an eyecatching design serves as a decoration in your office or home
  • Press the button “REV”, and load staples. Put your sheet of paper into the stapler mouth
  • The ergonomic stapler has a solid base, enabling it to stand perfectly on your desk
  • Package Includes: 1 x Adapter, 1 x User Manual. Staples Loading Capacity: maximum of 105 strip
  • Staple 20 sheets at a time using 26/6 staples and 15 sheets using 24/6 staples
  • Work on batteries or adapter
  • An adapter included in the package
  • Larger staple-loading capacity
  • Power of Adapter: 7.5V, 1A

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