Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Ergonomic Split Keyboard
Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Ergonomic Split Keyboard- The healthy way to type at a keyboard is to have the hands as naturally straight as possible in a posture that we called the neutral posture. Even better for broader, larger frame individuals by allowing their arms in a better position, reaching around the front of the body.

The ergonomic split keyboard is different from the traditional desktop keyboard, and it will take you a few days or weeks to get familiar with the use.

About Ergonomic Split Keyboard:-

  • Split-key and 3-D design conform to your natural arm and hand positions. Integrated Palm rest design support your wrists in a comfortable position.
  • The tactile keystroke design in order to reduce pressure when you press the keys and to give you the benefit to type more comfortable.
  • Plug and play keyboard with USB interface and 6.0 ft cable; build-in with 7 multimedia hotkeys.
  • System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10; wired USB connection; package includes: per board-512

# True Ergonomic Comfort #

How many hours do you spend on a keyboard every day, causing pains to your wrist and palm? Fans’ all-time favorite keyboard from Perixx ergonomic family, PERIBOARD-512 Classic, is now back to save your health!

# 3D Curve Design # #

3-D curve and split-key layout, specifically designed to fit the natural shape of human hands, guiding you to the most relaxing typing gesture.

# RSI Improvement #

It has considerably reported by customers who suffer from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) that such design does help ease the muscle stress, making their daily computer use more comfortable.

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