Evil Eye Gourd Shade Night Lamp

Evil Eye Gourd Shade Night Lamp
Evil Eye Gourd Shade Night Lamp

Evil Eye Gourd Night Lamp -Evil Eye Gourd Lamp Shade Night Light Unique Birthday Christmas Gift Idea Boho Home Decor

Evil Eye Gourd Shade Night Lamp:- Gourd lamps are made from Mediterranean calabash after a growing, collection and drying process which takes about 6 months. Each calabash is unique by the creation and not one is exactly the same as another. That’s why I don’t promise you exactly the same calabash in product visuals. However, I promise you the same dimensions, same design, and the same craft as a gourd lamp. The gourd may have slightly little differences. For this design which I call ‘Evil Eye First’, I will select a calabash 12-14 inch tall and 8-10 inch wide at the belly section.

The making of a perfect gourd lamp starts from the planting of the seed of the calabash. The gourd lamp has many dimensions to its quality and one of them is the gourd itself. The thicker the gourd, the better the artwork and durability. That’s why the importance gives at the very beginning at the farm.

We monitor our calabash from day one and work with farmers who feed them with plenty of water and goat based fertilizers. Once the calabash picked up from the field, we let them dry for a while and use sandpaper to remove the outer skin. We also remove the interior vegetable section. Then starts the design stage and we decide what to pattern on the calabash. We use different sizes of drills and knives to make holes and shapes on the gourd. Once the design is complete the rest is about painting, beading or varnishing.

About Evil Eye Gourd Shade Night Lamp:-

  • Size: Medium
  • Finish Type: Semi-Gloss
  • Paint Type: Airbrush
  • Pattern: Dotted
  • Color: White dominant blues when unlit under daylight. The output will change depending on the light source you use. Try using different colors, wattage and different source of light to keep your lampshade a permanent member of your living room.
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