Exercise Bands Sets for Legs and Glutes

Exercise Bands Sets for Legs and Glutes
Exercise Bands Sets for Legs and Glutes

Exercise Bands Sets for Legs and Glutes- 3 Packs Fabric Workout Bands with 3 Resistance Levels, Non-Slip Exercise Bands Elastic Resistance Loops for Legs and Butt Hips & Glutes

Exercise Bands Sets for Legs and Glutes, No worry for “Rolling up/Sliding” issue with strong and thickened weaving style. Made of skin-friendly premium fabric material, it is very comfortable and durable for exercise.

About Exercise Bands Sets for Legs and Glutes:-

  • 2020 Versatile Exercise Bands- Best exercise bands for leg, butt, hips, and glutes. As OMERIL resistance bands could help you perform squats correctly, keep your knees pushed out. It also a powerful training tool for the whole body. Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength deserves these Sports Fitness Bands. Life-time Worry-free Warranty.
  • 3 Different Resistance Level- This set of glute bands with 3 colors designed with 3 different resistance levels: Green-Light (15~25lbs). Purple-Medium (25~35lbs), Black – Heavy (35~50lbs). It fit for all fitness levels so that you could easily tailor your training depending on your strength, ability. And comfort no matter you are a beginner, advanced user, athlete or etc.
  • Non-Sliding & Non-Rolling- No worry about the “Roll up/Sliding” problem. Different from those latex/rubber resistance bands, these wide workout bands are seamed with high-quality cotton polyester stretch fabric. And built-in elastic nature latex inner, featuring eco-friendly, skin-friendly, durable, stable, and anti-slip.
  • Fit for Varied Exercises- Ideal resistance bands for assisting in P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, and Hot Yoga workouts.
  • Lightweight & Portable- These hip resistance bands are lightweight and space-efficient that you can easily put them in your suitcase or backpacks. It is very convenient for you to carry it everywhere as it comes with a portable caring bag. You can have an efficient workout with these booty bands wherever you go by doing leg. And butt exercises, stretching, yoga, etc.

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