Expandable Garden Hose for Home Depot

Expandable Garden Hose for Home Depot
Expandable Garden Hose for Home Depot

Expandable Garden Hose for Home Depot- 2020 Upgrade Model 13-Layer Latex Inner and Solid Brass Fittings 3 Times Expanding Kink Free Easy Storage Collapsible Water Hose with Nozzle

Expandable Garden Hose for Home Depot, A 13-layer natural latex inner tube is the highest quality standard on the market. To strengthen the durability, endurance test can handle up to 1100 uses compared to the typical life of only 200 uses underwater pressure of 145 PSI/10 Bar. No more annoyances from spending your money on hoses for just a few uses.

About Expandable Garden Hose for Home Depot:-

  • Strongest and Durable, No More Bursts- Uses 3750D elastic outer fabric is more dense and rugged than other models. It can protect the inner tube effectively from thorns, punctures, sharp corners. More resistance to avoid bursting and leaks prevents damage from normal friction of dragging on the ground.
  • 3 Times Extension in Length, Easy to Operate, and Store- Only 1.8 LBS, it’s incredibly lightweight, flexible, and functional. It starts out 9 feet and expands to 25 feet under 0.5Mpa water pressure. But returns in seconds to 9 feet after water is out. After each use, just simply store it in a bucket. Never kinks, twists or tangles, A real easy hose that makes your work efficient.
  • Triple thread Leakproof Connectors and Extra Bonus Garden Hose Nozzle- Our garden hoses come equipped. With 2020 upgraded EU standard metal connectors, it will not break, crack, leak, or corrode. It can withstand different temperatures. Bonus-Free spray nozzle with fingers free function and 8 patterns supports all your needs including gardening, watering, pet. And car cleaning.
  • A Good Buy Just One Click – We offer 180 days replacement or full refund to allow you to buy with confidence. One order includes a 25 feet expandable garden hose, one 8 patterns nozzle, 2 backup washers. A paper user guide contains and an e-guide will send to your mailbox automatically. One-click to purchase the easy hose now.
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