Gun Shaped Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

Gun Shaped Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set
Gun Shaped Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

Whiskey Gun Liquor Decanter- Shot Glasses, and Carrying Case - Fun, Stylish Party and Wedding Drinking Accessories and Barware

Take Gun Shaped Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set to your next house party, tailgate party, or even a chill kickback. It has everything you need and it’s always ready to go.

BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY- With the Gun Shaped Whiskey Decanter drinking party kit. Add a special touch by serving alcohol from this unique gun-shaped decanter and pourer. Equipped with everything you need to entertain. Your friends will talk about our one-of-a-kind whiskey decanter set long after the party has stopped.

BE THE COOLEST PERSON AT THE PARTY – Showing up to a party with Gun Shaped Whiskey Decanter. And Glass Set better than showing up to a party with chips or a 6-pack. The briefcase alone hints to the crowd that the party is about to taken to the next level. So when you open it up and show off your guns, everyone will surely want to be a part of the fun that you have to offer! 

About the Product:

  • BRING THE PARTY ON THE ROAD: This unique, fun liquor decanter accessories kit come furnished in a protective carrying case that lends itself to a 007 James Bond feel. Not only this Shotgun Glassware Set practical – but it also makes you look pretty badass.
  • THE PERFECT PARTY ADDITION: Our gun decanter and shot glass collection meant to elevate any party or celebration. It’s the perfect addition to a bachelor, graduation, college, engagement, or Christmas party. It even makes a cute addition to a wedding – particularly if it’s a Shotgun wedding!
  • PERFECT FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA: While the design of this kit meant to be cheeky and fun, don’t let that fool you on the quality. Derived from thick, durable, food-grade glass – each of these drinking pieces is chip-resistant and shatter-resistant and will promise long-lasting use and entertainment.
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