Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version- The Wow! Stuff app works on devices running iOS 11 and above for iPhone & iPad, and Android 5.0 and above for android devices.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version, Appear to Disappear! Amaze your family and friends! Set up in 60 seconds or less and with multiple ways to play! Create different backdrops, outdoors or in and save the images from the WOW! Stuff app to your tablet or smartphone camera roll. Amaze your family and friends as they view the photos or videos; they won’t believe their eyes. The Invisibility Cloak first made its appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in North America) and now you can appear to disappear just like Harry!

About Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version:-

  • Imagine being invisible? Imagine no more! This official Warner Bros. Invisibility cloak costume perfectly replicates the original cloak’s magical effects. # # # # #
  • Save your invisible scenes! Save photos or videos to your smartphone or tablet’s camera roll for instant recall. # # # # #
  • Vanish from view with this amazing Harry Potter toy and collector item. The perfect Harry Potter dress up or Cosplay for kids, adults and Harry Potter fans of all ages. # # # # #
  • Easy to use! Whether you are indoors or outdoors The simple to use Android and iOS App make you appear invisible in seconds. # # # # #
  • Deluxe model! Movie-accurate detailing and beautifully wrapped in authentic Harry Potter movie-style themed Christmas paper. It also includes a bonus deluxe table-top tripod for holding your smartphone and ensuring perfect results every time. Official Harry Potter merchandise authorized and licensed by Warner Bros. # # # # #
harry potter cloaking device

How To Play:

  • To use the Invisibility Cloak’s Invisible functionality you will need a smartphone or tablet with a camera function.
  • Each cloak comes with its very own completely unique Authentication Code that gives you access to the Invisibility function within the Wow! Stuff app.
  • Once installed, simply follow the on-screen prompts, and get set to re-enact your favorite scenes from the films!
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