High Heel Shoe Stoppers

High Heel Shoe Stoppers
High Heel Shoe Stoppers

Transparent High Heel Stoppers For Women's Shoes- Heel Repair Caps Covers for Women-Perfect for Weddings, Races, Formal Occasions - Protecting from Grass, Gravel, Bricks & Cracks

High Heel Shoe Stoppers For Women’s Shoes, Made of flexible rubber material for long-lasting wear, protects your shoes from daily wearing and tearing, extends the life of your shoes. This heel protector can create a stable base for your heels and protect in outdoor parties and weddings.

About High Heel Shoe Stoppers:-

  • Features- These heel protectors made of flexible rubber and with anti-slip stripes at the bottom. They can prevent you from getting injure or falling down when walking on uneven surfaces.
  • Applicable occasion- Items you should have as an accessory for weddings, celebrations, and outdoor parties. Heel protectors can create a stable base for your heels
  • Diverse size- Comes with 3 different sizes to match your heels. You can choose small, middle or large heel caps to match your high heel.
  • Beautiful packaging- each pair of high heel protector comes with a beautiful pouch, convenient to store and easy to carry; You can also install them on your bridesmaids and other special wedding guests’ heels or stilettos
  • Package contents- Includes 12 pairs of high heel protectors in 3 sizes including small, middle and large. Each size has 4 pairs, enough for your needs.
high heel stoppers
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