High-Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle Water Spray

High-Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle Water Spray
High-Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle Water Spray

Skytree Hose Nozzle Garden, Metal Spray Nozzle High Pressure, 8 Patterns Thumb Control for Watering, Washing

High-Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle Water Spray, Do you love the great outdoors? Do you have garden beds? In the warmers months, flowers filled many of the beds surrounding your house. Simple ways to enjoy gardening, Skytree expandable garden hose.

About High-Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle Water Spray:-

  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN & METAL ZINC ALLOY BODY – Made of metal, zinc alloy gun body nozzle. Home garden hose nozzles sprayer gun much sturdy and stronger than plastic ones and built to last, which great for cleaning your car, walkway, yard, gutters, deck, and more. Heavy-duty design can stand high-pressure GHT 180 – 270 psi from an input of 50 – 100 psi
  • EASY TO USE & POWERFUL – simple tool for a simple job. Straight forward, pattern control by hand pressure on the handle, excellent pressure spray, appears sturdy and is a reasonable cost. Used for washing cars. This nozzle has excellent water spray control and is one of the least expensive ones on the shelf
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – It makes you feel very comfortable when you use this nozzle sprayer. Thumb control makes this nozzle easy to hold and feel free to spray. When you need to switch between different modes, you are surprised by the ease of rotation. Let you enjoy the fun of car washing
  • 8 WATERING PATTERNS – Skytree spray nozzle has 8 patterns: JET, ANGLED, SHOWER, FULL, FLAT, MIST, SOAKER, and CONE. It is a multifunctional water hose which can meet your various needs. The adjustable patterns can provide different kinds of water pressure when you water garden, shower pets or wash cars

Why Choose Us – The Skytree Hose Nozzle?

  • Why our brand? Professional master’s in manufacturing leadership
  • Why our product? Trust is based on experience: Updated design. I understand heavy-duty to mean something that holds up well and is durable – not actually HEAVY!
  • Why our service? Smiling and helpful, 24-hour customer support. Nothing better than a product that does what it says it will, and it’s even better when it’s backed by a 1-year warranty
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