iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor

iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor
iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor

The first baby monitor ever to have a built-in moonlight soother with calming sounds and beautiful light show. The improved pan/tilt capabilities allow you to see the entire baby room, from top to bottom.

The iBaby Care Baby Monitor, the total baby care system. iBaby Care M7 has incredible features that promote safety, early development, and health. It is the first baby monitor ever to have Moonlight projections, early education content, smart sensors, and much more. Bring home the smartest baby monitor today!

About iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor:-

  • Built-In Moonlight Soother: unique moon&star night light, make your baby comfortable and warm.
  • Variety of Early Childhood Education Content: store thousands of Music, Lullabies, White Noises & Bedtime Stories, freely set playtime.
  • Schedule Diaper and Feeding Alerts: use the APP, you can set the alert time for your baby Diaper and Feeding, never worry about your baby’s care, even in sleep.
  • TVOC Air Quality Sensor: include temperature, humidity, air quality, and CO2 condition.
  • 1080p Video Resolution: Full HD crystal clear 2MP video, let you see your baby clearly.
  • Dual Band Router: Support (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • Fast connect and cloud storage: Apple company certified product, Unique MFI connection technology for ios faster than any wifi connection in the market, free record cloud storage.
Moonlight Soother

Travel to dreamland with the moonlight soother! Pair the night sky projections with lullabies to create a magical world, right in your own home.

Remote Access

Access the monitor anywhere and anytime through your smart device. You can also give in-app access to as many users as you’d like. So go ahead and send an invite to grandma, grandpa, and the rest of the family.

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