Inflatable Beer Pong Hat

Inflatable Beer Pong Hat
Inflatable Beer Pong Hat

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The beer pong hat is a set of inflatable beer pong holders that you wear on your head to make the game of beer pong along. And rigorous tasks that no one wants to play. Now when you play beer pong with a friend or colleague while wearing the beer pong hats it takes over two hours to complete. You get smashed in the face with numerous balls. (which may not that different than any other average day for you). And you most likely get numerous beers to spill on your face from sloshing around numerous cups of beer on top of your head. Perfect for beer pong lovers that don’t own a table. The beer pong hats are sure to pop after around the fourth. Or the fifth game of beer pong due to excessive drunken horseplay.

About Inflatable Beer Pong Hat:-

  • Set Includes- (2) Inflatable Pong Hats (12) 16oz Red Cups (2) Pong Balls & Game Rules
  • Each Hat Includes Tie Strings That Secure The Hats Under The Chin
  • A Great Alternative For {Beer} Pong-Lovers With Limited Space Or No Pong Table
  • East To Inflate and Even Easier to Store
  • Use the Included Game Rules For Guidelines, Or Make Up Your Own
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