Luna Bean Keepsake Hand Casting Kit Gift for Couples

Luna Bean Keepsake Hand Casting Kit Gift for Couples
Luna Bean Keepsake Hand Casting Kit Gift for Couples

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Plaster Statue Kit for Couples- DIY Plaster Statue Molding Kit for COUPLES, Adult & Child, Wedding, Anniversary Gift

Keepsake Hand Casting Kit:- All hand casting kits are not created equal and the molding powder we supply is manufactured to our specifications and is unique to Luna Bean casting kits.

About Keepsake Hand Casting Kit:

  • ★LARGE SIZE!★ Taller and wider bucket plus more molding & casting materials than other 2 person kits! ★ CAST HANDS: 2 Adult hands; 2 Adults + 1 small child; One X-large adult hand; or 2-4 Young Children. See the Luna Bean -XL- kit if you need a larger size for extra-large couples hands or 3+ people.
  • ♥ PRESERVE EVERY PRECIOUS DETAIL! ♥ The unique rubbery mold captures every fine line and fingerprint for a perfect one of a kind treasured gift. The Step 1 aginate molding material is custom to Luna Bean kits. More working time, stronger mold, better detail, and bolder color-changing properties than other craft brands.
  • ★ MADE IN THE USA ★ … A FUN and MEMORABLE gift activity for family, couple holding hands, and friends to create a PRICELESS memory. Great for an anniversary, engagement, valentine’s day, mom, dad, or grandparents.
  • ✔ DO-IT-YOURSELF ✔ Hand Casting Kit – Finish with all-purpose sealant, acrylic paints, just a craft glue & water mix (not included) or leave natural. 100% SATISFACTION KEEPSAKE GUARANTEE – If your casting does not turn out, send us a photo and we will work with you on a solution [if sold by TDG Direct].
  • ★BEST SELLING CASTING KIT★ with 50% MORE molding and casting powders than other 2 person kits! INCLUDED: Plastic molding bucket, 1.5lb Step 1 molding powder, 2.75lb Step 2 casting stone, fine sandpaper, coarse sandpaper, demolding stick, detailing pin, and detailed instructions. Full-length INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO is available.
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