LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote

LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote
LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote

LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote- Aurora Night Light, LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote, 8 Mode Lighting Shows, Built in Speaker and Timing, Mood Relaxing Soothing Night Light for Baby Kids Adults

LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote, Project realistic aurora night light, it’s rotatable, the gorgeous pattern. And colors on the ceiling and wall are really cool to watch, lighting up your darkroom into an underwater. Or colorful heaven, it’s great for kids who have trouble falling asleep in the quiet. Dark bedroom to keep the”monsters” away. You can also adjust the brightness, the lowest setting is dim enough for a parent to sleep with yet bright enough that the baby doesn’t freak out in the dark.

About LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote:-

  • One year -12 months exchange! To contact us please do the following: go to your Orders, find your order on the list. And click Contact Seller.
  • Safe for use- FDA approved and accession Number: 1710661-000, the laser is under 5mw. Class IIIA is safe and will not hurt eyes when normal use. Please Note that directly looking at the light for long periods of time may disturb your vision.
  • Improved features – remote controller, built-in 1 hr., 2 hrs., 4 hrs. auto-off timer, also it can stay on all night long. 3 brightness level adjustable (30% 60% 100%), still or rotation available. A great soothing projection night light for everyone.
  • 2 Way Use & Amazing Aurora Light Show]- It is a little night light with dome cover on, a galaxy aurora projector when take off the cover. Project realistic aurora borealis. And nebular light on ceiling or wall, create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children, soothe. And comfort kids to sleep, also perfect for adults to attain a relaxing and calming effect.
  • [8 lighting projection modes & 45 degrees titled adjustable]- red, blue, green and 3 colors pleochroism, colors gradient, you can choose which color show depending on your mood. All colors combination shows you the Aurora relaxing magic world. Also in a different direction, convenient for you to cover a larger area.
  • Built-in speaker – volume adjustable, you can plug in an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or another device with the aux cable in the package. And play lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music through the night light Projector while watching the Aurora at night.
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