LED Light Up Belt for Men, Christmas

LED Light Up Belt for Men, Christmas
LED Light Up Belt for Men, Christmas

Best Light Up LED Belt for Men - Our bright technology really makes a big difference when you're at locations that are not completely pitch black dark. The light up material is all throughout the belt illuminated meaning when wearing the product, your full 360 degree view will be illuminated.

LED Light Up Belt, It’s the perfect ice breaker for singles. Regardless of where you are you’ll be getting tons of attention from others who are curious about your beautiful accessory. Use the fast flicker mode when you want to get a busy bartenders’ attention and you’ll find that you have your drink before everyone else. Trouble flagging down that late night taxi? You’ll be noticed with this belt.

About LED Light Up Belt:-

  • Offered in sizes to fit children to adult extra-large. Please measure your lower waist. Sizes listed are ACTUAL lower waist size. The sizes listed are NOT your pants size. In the USA, generally, the lower waist size is 1-4 inches larger than your pants size.
  • LED Light controller takes two replaceable CR2032 batteries and has 4 settings: Full On, Slow Blink, Fast Blink, Off. The battery pack concealed into the front buckle area of the belt.
  • Belt LED light will remain bright for several hours with a new battery. We offer this product in blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Pair this belt with a Neon Nightlife light-up bowtie, necktie, or fedora (sold separately) and you have an awesome and crazy get up! Better than any programmable scrolling text belt buckle or LED suit. This belt has a class! The novelty neon waist belt is fully adjustable with a steel buckle to work with any clothing or apparel. Works great for men, women, boys or
  • Perfect for, costume parties, talent shows, dance performances, Dance Competitions, prom outfit, winter formal, homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, senior party, college parties, Electric Glow Runs, Glow Party Outfit, Fashion shows, Celebrity events, Wedding Reception Outfits for Groomsmen, fraternity parties, high school dances, mardi gras, cosplay events, Comicon, rave festivals, Halloween, day of the dead, 4th of July / independence day, concerts, carnivals, gay bars, strip clubs, bachelor parties, ba
  • We offer a 90-day warranty on the product. If for any reason the belt breaks under normal usage, we will replace it within 90 days.
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