LED POI Thrown Balls

LED POI Thrown Balls
LED POI Thrown Balls

LED POI Balls Gift For Kids -one Pair Poi LED Thrown Balls for Professional Hip-hop,Belly Dance Level Hand Props for Kids Gift.

LED POI Thrown Balls, Throw the rope length to about 50CM (rope to the top of the ball), the shortest according to their own needs to adjust the rope is pure hand-cut, the length will be biased, the length is for reference only.

About LED POI Thrown Balls Gift For Kids:-

  • ► Colorful-This product is very beautiful. LED POI balls are a set of 2 POI balls that change to eight different colors. LED color: red, blue, green. Color is adjustable, can control by your setting, can set as one color or Gradient change color. It is suitable for children and teens to play.
  • ► Fun-Adjustable cord length, comfortable finger loops. Push the button, the light can shine for the colorful colorful light, but also made with a rope to throw the ball. Swing up there will color iris appear, it unexpected results.
  • ►Durable- No need to worry if you drop your POI balls anymore. LED POI Balls made to last for as long as you want. Even if you drop them on the ground they won’t break like many others. It includes one battery for each poi ball that lasts for many hours.
  • ►Gifts- This product is often used for dancing props, such as belly dance square dance can increase the scene atmosphere. Improve the visual effect of the dance itself, achieve the goal of science and technology into art. It is also perfect for music festivals, costumes, clubs, parties, raves, dance performances or holiday gifts.
  • ►Note- This product is 2 boxes of one pair! Purchase Wannabuy’s product, it provided by Amazon prime 100% guaranteed High-quality service!
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