Leg Massager Machine for Circulation

Leg Massager Machine for Circulation
Leg Massager Machine for Circulation

Leg Massager Machine for Circulation- ir Compression Sequential Machine for Home Use - Massage Legs, Calf, Foot, Thighs, Knees - SCD Boot Wraps for Restless Leg, Muscle Pain, Lymphedema, Edema - 7 Modes

Leg Massager Machine for Circulation, Whether young people work in the office, athletes finish training, or the elderly stay at home, our legs and feet always feel very tired even painful. This air compression leg and foot massager has 3+3 independent massage channels and chambers. It can safely and easily relieve fatigue and pain and improve blood circulation. It’s also helpful for people who have legs and feet swelling, tension, varicose veins, and restless leg syndrome, to reduce pain and soreness. Additionally, it helps relaxation for people who finish a workout/training, gym, triathlon, cycling, biking, dancing, climbing, and Yoga. Fast Recovery for All Athletes.

About Leg Massager Machine for Circulation:-

  • IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION, RELIEVES MUSCLE PAIN, SWELLING, BLOATING- On your feet or sitting all day? No more swollen calves! The Perfect electronic leg compressed air machine will bring life back to your veins like a spa massage. Get hospital-grade therapy for home use.
  • PNEUMATIC COMPRESSION DEVICE- This XL full leg circulation massager and compression machine for legs and feet deliver powerful relief and treatment for the whole leg, foot, and knees. Safe & effective, with an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of use.
  • 7 MODES, VARIABLE CONTROL FOR COMFORT & TREATMENT- Choose from 3 pressure levels for a total of 7 modes. More than any other massage equipment on the market. Great for neuropathy and swollen feet.
  • PORTABLE, POWERFUL, REUSABLE: For lymphatic drainage, restless leg syndrome, cramping, hamstrings, ankle, varicose veins, cellulitis. Therapeutic electric shiatsu muscle massaging at the push of a button.
  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE, TRUSTED: All PerfeCore products are carefully made at an FDA Registered facility. PerfeCore ensures a safe and regulated product backed by a 24-Month Guarantee. Recommended by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Sports Trainers, and Chiropractors.
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