Light-Up Hoodie Zip Jacket For Men and Women

Light-Up Hoodie Zip Jacket For Men and Women
Light-Up Hoodie Zip Jacket For Men and Women

Light-Up Hoodie Zip Jacket For Men and Women- Battery-Powered Light Up Hoodie making this hoodie perfect for rap concerts, music festivals, and upbeat parties.

Light-Up Hoodie Zip Jacket: Forget your old pullover hoodie. Stand out and light up a room with this light-up zipper hoodie! It features an electroluminescent wire that runs along the zipper and around the hood.

About Light-Up Hoodie Zip Jacket For Men and Women:-

  • ELECTROLUMINESCENT WIRE- Stand out like never before with this unique light-up hoodie. During the day, you can wear it like normal, and at night, you can turn on the lights to become the life of the party. The hoodie features a hidden controller with 3 modes: on/off, fast blinking, and slow blinking.
  • DESIGNS FOR ALL-Our hoodies come in multiple sizes and neon light colors, including blue, green, pink, red, and white. Choose from a solid black hoodie or out-of-this-world, all-over graphic prints that won’t fade over time. The unisex design of our hooded jackets is great for teen boys and girls along with adult men and women.
  • HIDDEN CONTROLLER & BATTERY PACK- Worried about the hoodie controller getting in your way? Or getting tangled in electronics? Don’t stress it! We designed these hoodies so that you can still perform all your dance moves. The batteries hidden and the controller rests within a hidden inside pocket.
  • SOUND RESPONSIVE OUTERWEAR- If our preset light modes weren’t enough, you can use our sound-activated packs to upgrade your look. Your cozy hoodie will blink to the sound of the concert you’re attending or the beat of a rave. The hoodie requires 2 AA batteries and has an extended life of up to 24 hours. Plus, the battery pack rests comfortably inside a hidden pocket.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CLOTHING- Not only is this polyester hoodie great for an upcoming music festival, but it’s great for everyday wear. These hoodies are soft and will keep you warm on chilly evenings. The lights can even use as a safety light so that you can be seen at night. Plus, it can be washed! Just remove the battery pack, hand wash, and hang dry.
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