Migraine Relief Headache cap

Migraine Relief Headache cap
Migraine Relief Headache cap

Icekap Migraine Cap - Patented Migraine Relief Headache Hat with 5 Gel Ice Pack - Ice Hat Lasts Up to 3 Hours! Icecap for Migraines, Chemo, Sinus Relief, Head Tension, Fever, Flu, Menopause and More

All Over Relief That Lasts, At Last!

Migraine Relief Headache cap: Imagine finally leaving the house to do the things you love without the burden of migraine. That was the case for Mary when she discovered a migraine cap. After 10-years of not being able to go to the gym, she finally could! And while it’s certainly not a miracle, it IS the patented therapeutic, drug-free headache relief the world loves right now. Soft fleece, adjustable occipital band, ponytail loop, all-over ice coverage, reversible and more!

About Migraine Relief Headache cap:

  • PATENTED THERAPY: This is the first of a kind – supported by the National Children’s Cancer Society and recommended by MD’s. What makes this ice wrap unique is the soft micro-fleece and adjustable occipital tension band allowing your head to melt into the fabric while creating the correct compression for relief. The special ponytail loop gets the hair out of the way for optimized compression all over.
  • GEL PACKS STAY COLDER FOR LONGER: Icekap comes with 5 Therapy Grade Non-Toxic Gel Ice Packs. These last longer than others (Up to 3 hours!) and remain soft when frozen. And they can be heated OR cooled for your needs. Our head cap lets you customize how many ice bags you wear and each “ice pocket” strictly placed for targeted relief to an isolated area or all over coverage.
  • MELT AWAY THE TENSION: Unlike other headache hats, Icekap features a unique ‘back flap’ for full coverage to the occipital, and neck, as well as the crown, temporal, parietal, and frontal regions. Wear it backward as a migraine mask to cover the eyes and sinuses. Fully machine washable it comes in 5 sizes ranging from the small 20-inch circumference, up to the 24” XXL. Made from polyester/spandex with mesh and fleece inlay to sink into.


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