Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit
Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit- Extendable Under Counter LED Light with Motion Sensor, Power Adapter for Gun Safe Light, Shelf, TV Wall Lighting

Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Automatic light on/off of lights by human induction: the under cabinet lighting kit is supplied with a PIR motion sensor switch. When people enter the detection range. The light turns on. During the delay time when movement is detected. The delays time is restored and a new delay time begins. If there is no more movement, the light goes out.

About Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit:-

  • MOVEMENT ACTIVATED- 2.5 m strip light controlled by the PIR motion sensor switch. It switches on or off automatically by human induction.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS LED- While the brightness of an lm / LED normal 5-6. We use high brightness LED: 6-7lm / LED to ensure better illumination.
  • SAFE and LONG LIFE- UL approved power supply and works with DC 12v. Safe for children, reliable as under cabinet lighting. 50000 hours of useful life and 1-year warranty.
  • EASY INSTALLATION- Cuttable and connectable, with extension cables and connectors, you can easily cut the desired length. Meanwhile, this light strip is ultra-thin. And fits perfectly in the narrow corners of the cabinets and around the wall.
  • WIDE APPLICATION- The most common application for LED Strip Kit is a cabinet. But it can also use on display Under standard lighting, TV wall lighting, under counter lighting. Wardrobe lighting, lighting bookshelf, stair lighting.
under kitchen cabinet lighting with motion sensor


1) The PIR sensor switch only works in a dark environment according to the default setting.
2) Make sure that there is no dust, oil or water on the surface of the objects before installing the appliance to prevent it from falling.

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