Mugshot Photo booth Selfie Props

Mugshot Photo booth Selfie Props
Mugshot Photo booth Selfie Props

Funny Mugshot Sign Photobooth Selfie Props for Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Games, Event Decoration Idea (Bachelorette & Girls Night Out)

Mugshot Photo booth Selfie Props:- Bachelorette parties and girls nights out are the time to let loose and have some fun. Our hilarious mug shot signs assign both a name and a crime for each lady at the party. Make memories with your guests by taking hilarious mug shot pictures that you will treasure after the event. You will receive all 20, high quality printed signs for your party with each order.

About Mugshot Photo booth Selfie Props:-

  • Includes 20 Hilarious signs: Each sign is 11.5″ x 7.5″ and is printed in high resolution on premium cardstock signs that are perfect for pictures….
  • Wild fun for bachelorette parties, photo booth props or a crazy girls night!
  • Our signs are the funniest on Amazon. We put a bunch of rowdy women into a room, gave them wine, and let their minds run free. The result? Pure gold! Our sayings will have your guests laughing their butts off. Chances are there will be an (in)appropriate sign for everyone in the group!
  • Did the crime? Grab the sign! – We’ve included funny and real-life crimes for all your friends, like: “Hot Mess – Sloppy Drunk”, “Maid of Dishonor – Dirty Dancing”, “Booty Caller – Drunk Dialing”, plus much more! Every order includes all 20 laugh-out-loud mug shot signs. You be the judge, do your friends need to go to selfie jail?

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