Olive Oil Sprayer Mister for Cooking

Olive Oil Sprayer Mister for Cooking
Olive Oil Sprayer Mister for Cooking

Olive Oil Sprayer Mister Oil Sprayer for Cooking Besmon Versatile Stainless Steel Oil Bottle for Kitchen BBQ, Grilling and Roasting

Olive Oil Sprayer Mister for Cooking, It Is Perfect for low-fat cooking, grilling, saute, roasting and barbecue. Control the amount of oil you cook. It’s a healthy way to manage calories.

About Olive Oil Sprayer Mister for Cooking:-

  • Easy to use and clean- The olive oil sprayer mister includes two parts about bottle cap and body. when you use it. Shake evenly and press the button into your foods, in this way. Make your foods look more beautiful and taste well. After you use it, it is too easy to clean. You can fill in some hot waters, then shake evenly, finally spaying out by the pump, to rinse, repeat the above steps twice. It suggested that you clean your sprayer every 4-6 week
  • Metal- Our olive oil sprayer mister made of metal, which is not only hard to crack but also looks more upscale
  • Perfect for low-fat high-flavor food- The oil sprayer produces an even, pure mist. if you use our oil sprayer. You can use less oil when preparing food like making grilling, BBQ, roasting, and basting. It makes a healthier diet, less oil but the tastes just as good.
  • Practical And Widely To Use- Our sprayer has his unique character with a light body and simple usage method. It is suitable for use in the kitchen as a cooking tool, moreover, when you are having a picnic. You can carry this type of sprayer for BBQ, picnic, grilling. And roasting in order to make delicious food and have a healthier diet.

Easy to clean:

  1. Add some warm water
  2. Tighten the lid
  3. Shake it for 6-10 times and spray the water
  4. Refill clean water spray it for 3-5 times

Tips– Please wash it with water before use to keep the pump port smooth. Because of the density of oil made from different raw materials is different. So the pump port will be blocked.

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