Pet Hair Remover Brush

Pet Hair Remover Brush
Pet Hair Remover Brush

Pet Hair Remover Brush- Double-Sided Animal Hair Lint Cleaner/Remover with Self-Cleaning Base Cat & Dog Coats/Paws,Bed, Furniture, Clothes & House

As animal lovers, Pet Hair Remover Brush is just a fact of life. It gets on the sofa/couch, on hardwood floors and carpets, and even shows up in your car interior or favorite pair of shoes. If you don’t stay on top of pet hair cleanup/grooming, your home can quickly become a fur-filled disaster!

About Pet Hair Remover Brush:-

  • 🐶 KEEP YOUR HOME FUZZ-FREE AND LINT FREE- Pick up pet hair and lint embedded deeply in your home, sofas, couches, dog/cat beds, carpets, sweaters, coats, jackets, blankets, comforters or even your car interior with. No adhesive or sticky tapes, no power source required! Better than a lint roller! Our pet hair cleaner/remover is the most convenient way to remove fuzzy pet hair!
  • 🐶 EASY & CONVENIENT SELF-CLEANING- Unlike the tape-style lint rollers, our dog hair removal/remover tool has been designed to clean itself. Simply dip the brush into the self-cleaning base and pull it out. Easier than dealing with a home vacuum. A must-have pet accessory! No refills needed! Save your time and money!
  • 🐶 BEST IN CLASS DESIGN- We have designed our pet brush with thousands of micro bristles on both sides, so you can double the cleaning power and make home/house hair-free. Simply flip the paddle sides as needed. Also, the ergonomically designed handle provides a better grip for more effortless cleaning experience! An essential tool for your dog/cat grooming routine.
  • 🐶 FREE TRAVEL SIZE PET HAIR REMOVAL BRUSH- Traveling with pets? Or Just need a smaller version for your car interior or luggage? We have bundled a small fur remover brush which has the same features of our full-size pet hair cleaner brush. It is perfect to keep in your travel bag, bag pack, rucksack or in your car for on-the-go cleanups! Great for when others are watching our dog, cat or another furry animal.
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