Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier

Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier
Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier

Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier- Dog Cat Pouch Hoodie Sweatshirt Kangaroo Pocket Holder - No Ears - Women's Fit

Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier, The perfect pet carrier hoodie/sweater for every small animal lover. Great Christmas gift for friends, family, and yourself. Get your hoodie pet pouch sweatshirt now.

About Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier:-

  • MATERIALS & QUALITY- Roodie’s original and premium pet pouch hoodie sweatshirt on the market. Crafted from the highest quality Eco-Friendly Cotton and Polyester for maximum comfort and strength. The pet carrier hoodie surface is high-quality Ring-Spun Cotton 30s/1*. Inside is a soft polyester for perfect stretch & strength. All sewing threads are 40s/2* for max durability and sewn by 5 thread automatic sewing machines. Fabrics are dyed using advanced eco-friendly techniques.
  • USE WITH- A Cat, Dog, or Other Small Pet. The large, expanding, heavy-duty, soft pet holder pouch is perfect to carry a small lightweight pet. The pet carrier pocket is great for cuddling & lounging indoors at home, or going for a walk outside on a beautiful day. Aging pets tire out easier and really appreciate the ride when their poor little legs become too tired.
  • FEATURES- The carrier pouch has a removable, machine-washable liner allowing for easy cleaning. The pouch material is a Cotton/Polyester that’s so soft dogs, cats and other small pets LOVE it. Thick 100% Cotton drawcords with leather ends & best finishing add to a premium look. Even without a pet, and the pouches zipped up. Roodie is stylish and comfortable.

Benefits & Features:

  • Cuddle your small pet around the house
  • Enjoy a nice walk or hike with your pet snug in the pet pocket
  • Doubles as a purse for a quick coffee or errand run
  • Highest quality fleece material that feels soft and warm for both you and your pet
  • Hidden side pockets which are separate from the main pet pouch are great to hold treats, car keys and more
  • 6 colors – Highly durable, fashionable and functional sweatshirts
  • Highly durable, fashionable and functional.
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