Pillow Tray With Cup Holder

Pillow Tray With Cup Holder
Pillow Tray With Cup Holder

Cup Cozy Pillow Securely Holds Your Drinks On The Couch-The world's BEST cup holder! Keep your drinks close and prevent spills. Use it anywhere-Couch, floor, bed, man cave, car, RV, park, beach and more!

Tired of spilling your drink? Coffee table MIA or too far away? Problem solved with the Pillow Tray With Cup Holder! The secret is the foam inside allowing the cup holes to expand to fit almost any size or style of cup/mug. This foam also insulates keeping your drinks hot or cold longer. Our perfect cup holder was designed to be used by anybody, anywhere, exactly where YOU want it….the couch, the floor, bed, car, RV and more. And since you will use it daily, the super-soft, removable, washable covers make cleaning it a snap 🙂 It’s where your cups want to go! It’s the Cup Cozy Pillow!

About Pillow Tray With Cup Holder:-

  • Fits almost any size or style of cup or mug!
  • Insulates your drink keeping it hot or cold longer!
  • Super soft velboa covers are removable and washable-Multiple colors available.
  • Keep small items such as snacks, reading glasses, TV remotes, and gaming controllers all in one convenient spot.
  • Perfect for all ages! If you drink from a cup, the Cup Cozy Pillow is for you!
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