Pilo Togo Travel Pillow

Pilo Togo Travel Pillow
Pilo Togo Travel Pillow

Pilo Togo Travel Pillow- Comfortably Supports Neck, Head & Chin. Flat Back with Window, No Pushing Head Forward and Easy Breath for Skin

Pilo Togo Travel Pillow Togo’s unique contoured form molded after millions of real people’s above-chest body shapes. Making Togo the first travel pillow that actually conforms to the contour of your head, neck, and shoulders and gently kisses every inch of your skin it touches.

About Pilo Togo Travel Pillow:-

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Contoured structure perfectly embraces every inch of your shoulders, neck, and head, comfortable without being cumbersome.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – High-density memory foam is lightweight and bouncy, making it easy to carry around and long-lasting. The fabric of the case is cool to touch, combined with the ventilation, you’d never sweat wearing it.
  • UNIQUE BACK DESIGN – The flat back keeps your head straight up. And your spine neutral, instead of pushing your head forward and your spine bent. No more waking up with a sore neck. The cut out in the middle ventilates the neck, keeping you cool and at ease.
  • ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL – Adjustable buckle provides personalized support and comfort for different neck/shoulder/head types.
  • EXTRA CHIN SUPPORT – Extra thickness and length in the front gives your chin extra support. Prevent the head from falling forward.

The team understands the vital role of memory foam in a good pillow. This 9.6 x 8.5 x 5.5in neck pillow weighs only 0.86lb, perfect for travel. #

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