PixMug Photo Travel Coffee Mug

PixMug Photo Travel Coffee Mug
PixMug Photo Travel Coffee Mug

PixMug Photo Travel Coffee Mug-The Mug That's A Picture Frame - DIY - Insert Your own Photos or Designs

PixMug Photo Travel Coffee Mug, Mugs are a universal gift that everyone uses. The only problem with mugs is that everyone has them, and everyone gives them. How do you take such a perfect gift like a mug and make it personalized and unique? This is where Hat Shark’s Customizable mugs come to the rescue! Just send us a high-quality photo and your text preferences and let us take care of the rest! We will create a mug that is so perfect and unique, whoever you gift it to will remember it for years to come as they drink their morning cup of coffee and think of you.

About PixMug Photo Travel Coffee Mug:-

  • PixMug – The Mug with a Handle That’s a Picture Frame
  • DIY = Do It Yourself = Display up to a 10” x 4” photo. Cutting template and instructions included. Create custom inserts at www.PersonalizeItYourself.com
  • Holds 15 ounces of hot or cold liquid with secure spill-proof lid. BPA Free
  • Great for groups, events, friends, family, Christmas, etc
  • ** Special ** Get 5% off when you buy 2 or more Cottage Mills / Jaymo products ** Save **

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