Portable Apple Peeler Slicer

Portable Apple Peeler Slicer
Portable Apple Peeler Slicer

Portable Apple Peeler Slicer-Suction Non Slip Counter Grips - Automatic Hand Crank - Replaceable Stainless Steel Blades with Protect Cover

Portable Apple Peeler Slicer, peeling all types of apples and pears easily, the apple peeler makes preparing apples and pears a breeze. Fix the apple to the needle, and then crank the handle clockwise. After all the skin peeled, rotate the knob, then the apple pops out. You can enjoy your apple now. Make your family fall in love with cooking: Making a batch of apple pie? Get everyone involved in cooking by using this manual apple peeler. Even kids and arthritic will love it. Makes preparing fruits a breeze.

About Portable Apple Peeler Slicer:-

  • Fast and Efficient Apple Peeler- Peeling an apple or a pear in seconds thanks to the ultra-sharp stainless steel blade. The fruit peeler only peels the skin of the fruit, make NO MESS! All the material is 100% BPA free!
  • Easy to Use- The 4 suction cups hold the fruit peeler machine firmly to the smooth countertop, so the apple peeler is very easy to use. Even easy operation for old people and children.
  • A Perfect Gift Kitchen Gadgets- The apple peelers not only fit for apples but also round, thin skin hard fruit such as pear. It can use as a gift for any occasion to anybody.
  • Easy Clean- The blade is removable, you can clean the apple peeler under the running water.
  • Easy Storage- The apple peeler is smart, it will not take up too much space in your kitchen.
Portable Apple Peeler Slicer
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