Premium Hooded Bath Towel For Kids

Premium Hooded Bath Towel For Kids
Premium Hooded Bath Towel For Kids

Kids Hooded Bath Towel Gift For Kids And Toddlers- Hudz Kidz Hooded Towel for Kids & Toddlers, Ideal at Bath, Beach, Pool

Premium Hooded Bath Towel: This is the perfect towel to dry and cuddle your little one after pool time or a day at the beach, just drop it on your kid’s head so he/she can enjoy the water and dry off quickly! The natural cotton starts out plush, and then becomes softer & more comfortable with every wash. Furthermore, the color stays vibrant even after 100s of washes. If you’re looking for a spectacular towel – that’s soft, durable and big enough to last a few years.

About Premium Hooded Bath Towel:-

  • 100% Cotton
  • PLUSH COMFORT- Made using 100% cotton with 350 GSM snuggle plush weave for optimal comfort, durability and a quick-dry. You and your child will enjoy using this towel for many years to come. The breathable, plush material is pleasing against the skin and naturally soft to the touch, gently snuggling kids dry time and time again.
  • LONG-LASTING QUALITY- This Hooded Poncho Towel grows with your child from size 2T through 5T. The color stays vibrant even after 1000s of washes and the natural cotton material starts out plush. Then becomes softer and comfier with every wash.
  • MAKES BATHTIME FUN- One day your little one loves bath time and the next day it becomes a battle to the bubbles! With fun designs and vibrant colors, these hooded towels help alleviate the stress and make bath time go even faster. They will become their favorite way to snuggle up to stay dry and warm after a nice soothing bath right before bedtime.
  • EASY CARE- Parenting a child and exhaustion go hand in hand. To make your job easier, this hooded towel for children is ultra-durable and made with child-safe, color-safe natural dyes. No matter how blurry-eyed you are, you can pop this machine-washable towel into your regular laundry cycle. And know it will come out looking good as new.
  • CHOICE OF DESIGN AND COLOR- To accommodate everyone’s taste, the hooded towel is available in a shark design furnished in pink and blue. As well as a green croc and a pink unicorn character that kids will love. In addition to using the poncho towel after bathing. It’s also perfect for snuggling and warming up after pool or beach time. This is a great toallas de bano para Nino!
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