Privacy Portable Tent Camping Pop Up Utilitent Toilet and Changing Room

Privacy Portable Tent Camping Pop Up Utilitent Toilet and Changing Room
Privacy Portable Tent Camping Pop Up Utilitent Toilet and Changing Room

Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent – Privacy Portable Camping, Biking, Toilet, Shower, Beach and Changing Room Extra Tall, Spacious Tent Shelter

Now you can go anywhere, anytime, with the Utilitent pop-up Privacy Portable Tent Camping – the perfect solution for all your travel needs.

The Utilitent affords a private, intimate, clean and accessible space for changing clothes and using the restroom; – any time, any place. Now even families with young children can go on worry; – free camping trips or hikes to the beach, forest or desert. It is ideal for use by groups within large, collective sleep areas, for actors/actresses. And models changing clothes between clips and photo sessions. And as a dressing room at apparel trade shows and clothes vending stands.

About Privacy Portable Tent Camping:

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION; – Made of quality water-repellant polyester, this portable toilet and changing room tent is made to last! Rugged reliable material, a heavy-duty door zipper that won’t break. Stitches that hold, a strong build that stays in shape; All combine to bring you superb dependability in a shelter you can count on.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN; – Measuring 6’ 10.7” high and 3’ 11” x 3’ 11” in length and width when open. The Utilitent affords free standing and comfortable movement within. Mosquito netting with shower opening at the top allows for air circulation and lighting while maintaining privacy. The no-floor design keeps the tent clean. Additional rain cover attaches to a tent top, covering mesh netting in inclement weather.
  • PACKED WITH ACCESSORIES; – This multipurpose pop-up tent is accessorized for your maximum convenience! You’ll find a shower opening, towel hanger, clothes hanger, toilet paper holder, a personal belongings storage pouch, flashlight hanger, and tent carry bag.
  • EASY TO USE; – Ideal for moving from place to place, the tent pops up in no time and folds easily and compactly into the lightweight carrying bag for easy portability. In addition to the 8 tent pegs and 4 guy lines with tensioners for use under windy conditions; our BONUS of 4 sandbags (with hooks for easy attachment) is an extra-special plus that can be used with any tent when the terrain is too sandy or rocky for pegs.

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