Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gift for Home

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gift for Home
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gift for Home

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gift for Home - Wi-Fi Connected Mapping and Navigation, Sustained Strong Suction, Self-Adjustable Roller Brush, Slim, Quiet, Compatible with Alexa,Cleans Hard Floor to Low-Pile Carpet

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gift for Home, Clear up small objects such as toys, power cords or anything that you would not let a traditional vacuum run over. The Electrowall device is one great way to avoid areas with toys, cords or other small objects.

About Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gift for Home:-

  • Maps and navigates your home to clean in a methodical route to increase efficiency and avoid missing areas.
  • Upgraded CyclonePower cleaning system with cellular dustbin makes dirt disposal and maintenance much easier, also prolongs high-efficiency filters’ usage time.
  • Use the portable Electrowall device(package included with A9) to create an invisible barrier to clean where you want.
  • Wi-Fi Connected APP provides easy operation from your phone, including scheduling, selecting cleaning modes, real-time mapping, and accessory status. ( A secured 2.4GHz WiFi network is required)
  • 3” Slim body with 14 smart sensors helps the A9 to clean along with your furniture & walls, go underneath your sofa & beds, climb over low-pile carpets and thresholds, avoid stairs and obstacles. Automatically returns to charging base when low on power or finished cleaning (must start A9 from the charging base for it to return home).
floor cleaning robot project

Black floor/high-pile carpet:

Could not clean black patterns in floors as the robot will recognize them as cliff edges or steps and then go back. Not suitable for high-pile carpet.

Working time:

In standard mode, the A9 battery lasts up to 120 minutes after a full charge.
In Max mode lasts up to 50 minutes with a full charge
Based on navigation and mapping algorithem, the smaller cleaning area, the less cleaning time.

Noise level

Attention: Dustbin should be emptied and filter cleaned after every use to ensure good suction power and a quiet vacuum. Max mode increases the suction power which in turn increases the volume.

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